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Class Policy and Payment Information:
Please, Pre-registration is required for all classes. A 50% payment upon registration is requested; balance due 48 hours prior to class.  Deposits are Non-Refundable unless cancellations are made 48 hours prior to class. In the event that a class is cancelled, it will be re-scheduled or a refund will be given. RSVP is required to get directions and confirmation.
To register call 860-749-8743 or
If there is a special day or particular class you prefer, please let us know, scheduling is very flexible

Design and create your own Poppet
A “poppet” is one of the most commonly used implements in sympathetic magic, which follows along on the theory that “like creates like” The poppet is a useful magical tool, and can be used in a variety of workings.  Use it for healing, to banish harmful people from your life, to bring abundance your way -- the choices are practically limitless. In this workshop, you will create your own poppet. All materials will be supplied.

Magickal Herbs
There are so many herbs to choose, blend and empower for your magical use. This work shop is a guide to making herbal sachets, charm bags, mojo bags and other ancient ways of the use of herbs. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries for incense and in baths and washes. You will have the chance to make your own blend.

Magickal Oils
Use the power of essential oils to anoint your body, dress your candles, anoint seals or charms, bless your home, to put in your bath water, cleansing and many other purposes. Learn the properties, mixing techniques to empower them for your magical workings. Everyone will get to make their own blend.