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As of December 31, 2014, I retired and closed the retail store of Gayle’s Thyme Herbal Apothecary. Having the storefront for 20 years, I will miss having the daily interaction with my customers.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are confronted with difficult decisions. Over the years, I have made many and most of them were the right decisions to make. Now I am faced with a very big decision. I have thought long and hard over this, but finally realized that it is the right time for me.

This change will allow more time to devote to my family, which is very important to me, and to plan more classes and workshops.

My web site will continue to carry the majority of my products for online purchasing. It will also feature listings of my classes, lectures, workshops and other events. Watch for me as I plan to continue vending at many events around the state.

I want to thank all my loyal customers who have patronized my store over the years. I hope everyone will continue doing business with Gayle’s Thyme at or by email 

New Phone number 860-749-8743

New classes have been posted

Please call for a list up-coming of classes. You can always check on Facebook for class listings.
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